Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness

Went to Las Vegas for the big Mountain West Basketball Tournament where the mighty Cougars came up a little short of winning. That was OK because their outstanding record pretty much guaranteed them an invitation to the Big Dance. It was really fun to go with my dad and watch the championship games. My parents go every year for the whole tournament and I usually go down with my niece for the last couple of days. This year I was solo as my niece wasn't falling for the promise that the pool at the hotel would be open this year for sure. It never is and it always breaks our hearts as we stare out our hotel room window at the perfectly good pool that is just sitting there, mocking us, because it isn't open yet. One day Sunset Station I will stay at your establishment when that pool is open! Maybe I should shoot for May or June instead of early March. :) That might help a little. My Mom decided she'd had enough b-ball games by Saturday and they Y had been eliminated, so I got to go in my Mom's place for free! It was awesome! SanDiego won both the Men's and Women's championships. Anyone but UNLV or New Mexico my family says so we were pretty happy. One funny story that happened the night I got there. Some background into the story is my parents hate the New Mexico and UNLV basketball fans as mentioned in the "anyone but UNLV or New Mexico" comment before, and this year they were pretty much surrounded by Lobo fans thought the tournament. So anyway, my dad had a feeling that he should bring some napkins with him on his way to his seat. Well the Lobo's fan that sat behind him had his feet on my dad's chair. So when my dad got over to his seat he said to the Lobo's fan, "Lobo's are like dogs. You always have to clean up after them." Then he wiped off his chair and sat down. My Mom almost fainted and thought my Dad was about to get beaten up, but apparently the Lobo's fan was caught off guard by my Dad's comment that he didn't even say anything back to him. I would at least have given him the finger had the shoe been on the other foot but this only goes on to prove that my Dad is awesome, a little crazy, but awesome! Who else would even of had the guts to say that? I rest my case. Love ya Dad! I left early Sunday morning to drive back home and ran into the craziest snow storm I'd ever driven in! It hit right after St George and lasted for about 3 more hours! It was crazy! Here are some pictures right outside of St George before the storm hit. The roads hadn't been plowed so the mountain passes were just covered in three or four inches of snow which made it interesting to drive in and very slippery. I passed crash after crash with tons of spin outs on the sides of the road. I'd prayed before I left and I was constantly praying as I drove that I would make it home safely and Heavenly Father was watching out for me. My car handled like a champ and I made it home safe and sound.

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kim said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time!