Monday, November 28, 2011

School is almost what?

I will be graduating in three weeks with my RN in nursing. It's been a long road in finally getting to this point and I'm so happy to have it done with. But I have to admit that I'm nervous now that the long road is over. Where do I go from here? I've been wanting to be a nurse for years and now that I've finally reached my goal, I'm kind of feeling stuck. What do I do now? Where do I want to live? Where do I want to work? Will I actually be a good nurse? It's a huge responsibility and I want to do the job well, but what if I really suck at it? What if I can't find a job? Way too many "what ifs". It's a little scary to think of making some huge life changes in the next few months. I don't mind small changes but big ones scare me. Sometimes having too many choices is harder than having none at all. Something to think about I guess.