Thursday, October 15, 2009

Behold, the power of cheese!

Went to Melting Pot with my Mom and Dad the other day and it was delicious! For those not in the know, the Melting Pot is a fondue place in downtown SLC. It has tons of different types of fondue, some cheese, some chocolate and then there are some broth fondue's that you cook your meat in at your table. So cool. This was our chocolate desert. I'm drooling just looking at it. For our appetizers we had cheese fondue with veggies, bread and fruit to dip in it. I'd forgotten how cheese can make everything taste like heaven! I was grabbing anything I could get my hands on just to make sure I could dip SOMETHING in the cheese...a penny, breath mint, anything! I couldn't spoon that stuff into my mouth fast enough! While we were eating I couldn't help remember back to when I was a little kid. My parents were always trying to make us be healthy by torturing us with "green, leafy veggies". I despised them. Especially brussel sprouts, spinach and lima beans (I get that lima beans are technically a "bean" but they are so odious to the taste buds that I have always lumped them in this category. Plus, their green so it kind of works.) It never failed. Every night at dinner something green and leafy was placed on the table, and the war of wills would start! Michelle, was the brown nosing, oldest child and would take her heaping spoonful of glop with a smile on her face, and then pass it on to me. I'd hold onto the bowl for a few seconds and maybe stir the contents, so it looked like I was dishing it up, and then pass it right onto my brother Jason, without putting any on my plate! Jason, oddly enough like everything green, except for peas. Go figure. But I digress. So after fooling everyone with my trickery, I'd dive into the main dish or the mashed potatoes with relish, until the bowl would get to my father, then the jig was up. My dad would look at everyone's plates before dishing up his helping and would ultimately see something missing from my plate. "Zan, did you take some veggies?" he'd ask. I'd just sit their staring at him like I didn't understand what he was saying. Then he'd ask again. Now you couldn't lie or you'd get spanked, so I usually had to fess up at that time, and to reward my honesty, he'd dish me up a huge spoonful of whatever crap was being served. But that was only half the battle. He still had to get me to eat it and that's when the real war would start. The rule was you couldn't leave the table until you'd eaten everything on your plate. Normally I'd just give in and eat them but there were some nights I'd end up falling asleep at the table because I was so stubborn. Man, I was a brat, wasn't I? But this terrible behavior did have some reward. Every now and then, taking pity on us, dad would make a cheese sauce to pour over the greens so we'd eat them without complaint, and it worked. Ladies and Gentlemen, if a simple cheese sauce can get a brat like me to eat BRUSSEL SPROUTS without crying and whining, you know it must be the most powerful substance on the earth! The CIA should use it in their interrogations! Forget water boarding, just have have someone in the room eating something smothered in cheese and tell the insurgent that he can't have any until he spills the beans on his terrorist organization. They'd be amazed at how fast he starts talking. :) Mmmmm...cheese.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Girls night out.

This weekend was General Conference and while the fellas went to the Priesthood Session us girls got together and went shopping! Ton's of the local craft and home decorating shops have caught onto this event and have special sales just for the girls. This year we went to Ti Pan Trading Company and got some fun decorations than ran over to Gardner Village to check out their deals. Gardner Village is one of the cutest places to go. They have tons of little shops that they decorate for all the holidays. One of the funniest things I found in one of the toy shops were these Twilight Bella and Edward dolls! I can only imagine what type of crazy nutcase fan would want to buy those dolls. Sadly enough the sales lady said they had sold tons of them. Wow! Who knew! I guess they are kind of like Barbies and I did have a couple of those growing up, so maybe it's not that weird. But only if your under the age of 10! We took some fun pictures with the witches they had scattered around. We had a blast! Too bad Conference only comes along twice a year. :)

Last of Summer and Kick off of Fall!

So I've been a slacker and have neglected my blog these last few weeks. School is going well but is tough. I try to squeeze in as much studying as possible but still fail miserably at getting as much in as I'd like, but that's OK. B's get degrees right? :) My goal is to get an A on the last 5 Unit tests I have so we'll see how it goes. These first few pictures are from our Ward Camp out that was back in August. We had a great time there and had a pretty good turn out. It was in a little camp the church owns back in Midway, with a pond that has a zip line. The kids took turns riding the zip line across the lake but it always got stuck in the middle so they ended up getting to take a dunk in the lake. There was even a moose and her baby that paid us a visit, from a safe distance, thank heavens. They had canoes and we had some canoe races. It was a great spot. We had a potluck for dinner one night and ton's of ward members drove up just for that and the little program around the camp fire. I made my famous chicken and veggies in a butter cream sauce. Delicious! We roasted marshmallows and had Smores, the last of the season. Everyone had a great time. My awesome friend Kim turned 33 and her family threw her a fabulous birthday party at their house. Check out her cake!!! Burgers, swimming and ton's of fun! To top off the great day we even watched the BYU vs. Oklahoma game where the mighty Y beat Oklahoma!! Take that ya Sooners! I have to admit that win had visions of a National Championship dancing in my head. Those visions ended just a few weeks later when the Coogs met up with Florida St, but it was good while it lasted. Happy Birthday Kim! Love ya! Sept 10th was a day I look forward to every year. It's not exactly because of the date but because that is when the State Fair is here!!! I love the Fair. It's just plain luck that my office is within walking distance from the fair grounds so a friend and I have made a tradition over the past few years of going to the fair for lunch. It's the one time a year that I have to eat a giant corn dog, no exceptions and just about everything else there. This year I had the corn dog, half of a Phillie cheese steak sandwich and part of the strawberry smothered "Elephants ear" that Laurel got. I was in fair food heaven! There were some super cute bears at the fair this year that performed and so we sat and watched them play in the water and roam their cage. Kind of sad if you think about it too much it gave us a very rare opportunity to see one of these beautiful creatures up close and personal. I was about 5 feet away from that big guy when I was taking pictures. The fair never let's you down and this year was no exception. We checked out the pigs on the way back to work. Cute little piggies! I recently got called to be the 2nd counselor in the Stake Young Women's and our first big event was to put on a Standards Night for the youth. The topic was about dating and all the do's and don't they should follow. It turned out really well. The speakers had that perfect mix of seriousness and humor that helped the kids see how much fun dating can be when you stick to church guidelines. I think the kids got some great dating advice, me too for that matter! I should be a dating queen after this, right? :) My friend Annette came up with the decorations and I just had to take a picture of them. So talented Annette! She's the best! We served chocolate cake, plain and strawberry cheese cake and carrot cake with some punch at the end of the event. I ended up getting season tickets to BYU football this year and it's been fun going to the games. Well, the Florida St game was the most painful game I've ever sat through but the other's haven't been too bad. I took my niece to the Colorado St game and it was fun to sit and talk to her about all the fun things happening in her life. She turned 14 this year and is really looking forward to driving and dating in the future. I was trying to think about what I was doing when I was 14 and we had just moved to Phoenix. Wow, that was a long time ago. :) She is a really good kid, for the most part. I guess we'll keep her. :)