Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer fun

This summer has been a busy blast! We crammed in tons of camping, my brothers came up for the 24th of July and we all went to Lagoon! I turned 35, completed by 2nd and 3rd triathlons and had fun with family. It was my little nieces first time at Lagoon and I think it was a hit! I love it when my family can all get together! We went to the parade, explored the mountains and slipped on the slip and slide. Jason made amazing food and we had a fantastic time together! Wish they all lived close so we could do this every weekend! Oh well. My littlest niece Marlowe is walking now and Aspen just started school! My how the time flys! They are growing up so quickly! My sister, friend Kim and I went to see Sugarland in concert and had wicked awesome seats! Here are some pictures of our escapades this summer.