Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween time!

Every year Halloween kicks off my favorite time of year...Fall! It's the best! You just can't beat this time of year. I started having a Halloween party a couple years ago. My good friends and their families come over and we play games, carve pumpkins and eat tons of food. This year we kind of skipped all the games and such and just talked all night long. The kids went off and played outside until it was too cold then they moved down stairs. They looked like they had fun even without the games and carving so I'll call it a success by those standards. Annette, James and family where there, along with Rachel, Alex and Judy, Jessica and her darling little ones and Hailey, Clint and their little dude. Jessica had the best adult costume by far. She came as OctoMom and Hailey's little dude Max was the best costume overall with his Lord of the Rings' Hobbit costume! He was adorable! Annette made the best food dish. She made chicken noodle soup but the noodles were in the shape of worms and she added red food coloring to make the broth look bloody. It looked a little kind of nasty but tasted delicious! Way to go Net! Thanks everyone for coming over and making this year's Halloween party a blast! The Thursday before Halloween I and my parents caught a plane to Phoenix for my newest nieces blessing on Sunday, Nov 1st. We had a great time down there. My little nieces are just the cutest little girls! My brother Jason decorated the house all spooky for them and blew up balloons to play with. We started watching a movie later that night and Paisley was so transfixed that instead of walking over to the couch to sit down she grabbed the closest thing possible to sit on. That turned out to be a balloon and to all of our surprise it didn't pop when she sat on it. It was so cute to see her sitting on the balloon watching a movie that I couldn't resist taking a picture. For Halloween Aspen dressed up like a Mermaid and Paisley was a Fairy Princess. You had to make sure not to leave off the Princess part our you'd get in trouble for calling her just a Fairy. So cute. I got together with some friends I hadn't seen since before my mission and went out to lunch on Halloween. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone! I forgot my camera of all crazy things so I'll have to steal it from someones facebook account when they post it. Marlowe's blessing on Sunday was very nice. Joey got a little choked up at the end of it. He's such a softy! Teri used the same beautiful blessing dress her other daughters were blessed for Marlowe and she looked adorable of course. She doesn't quite know who I am so didn't really like it when I held her but I got a few pictures of her. Her hair is the absolute best how it sticks out all over! She is so stinking cute! My parents and I flew back to Utah this morning and I raced over to work. Another fun weekend but now it's back to business. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!