Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Clean as a Whistle!

This post may be TMI for some people but I'm just so proud of my dad that I couldn't resist posting it. My dad made an appointment for a colonoscopy a month or so ago and that blessed day finally arrived bright and early Tuesday morning. My Mom said that he has kinda been looking forward to this event, oddly enough, but only in a "I'm a man, I can totally handle this" kind of way. I can actually picture him kind of jogging in place, doing some boxing punches and stretching to loosen up before going into the exam room. Maybe even throwing a "Let's do this" out while walking through the door. He cracks me up. He told my Mom that he was just going to drive himself home afterwards so she didn't have to go if she didn't want to. Yeah, right. Short story, my mom went and drove home, silly Dad, but he did have a clean bill of health! To hear him tell it, the Dr stated that he'd never seen such a fine specimen of colon as my Dads'. :) Way to go Dad! My Dad has been a big fan of fiber since I can remember and it looks like fiber has been good to him over the years! Hopefully they'll send him a picture of his clean colon that he can frame and hang on the wall. Hum...maybe I've just found the perfect Father's Day present! Awesome!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I think I'm having a mid life crisis. How does one get over it? I've tried chocolate (the not eating chocolate thing lasted about a day) buying things and sleep, but so far the only result I've had is that my pants have gotten tighter. Tight pants have not helped the crisis. Any recommendations on how to get over it?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Disneyland, just what the Dr ordered!

Have you ever gotten to the point were your just done. Done with work, done with school, just done with the same old crap you have to put up with everyday? Ever wonder what could possibly fix that rut your in? Well I have the answer for you: Disneyland! They don't call it the happiest place in the world for nothing. It was the perfect little getaway. Work, school and all the other worries that had been plaguing me for the last little while where completely forgotten in watching my cute little nieces experience the magic of the park. We arrived Monday afternoon, checked into the hotel and headed right over to California Adventure. My dad scored some sweet two day park hopper passes from AAA so we could take our time and go where ever we wanted, when we wanted. It was boiling hot but nothing could dampen the spirits of the two little jumping beans posing as my nieces as we went on the rides. They loved it! I think the best part was watching them run through the "cool off" places where they had misters and shooting water fountains the girls and us bigger kids were running through to cool off. It felt so good to get a little wet. Paisley was cracking me up. Her hair got wet and she kept laughing saying "Mommy, hair wet Mommy" then she'd let out this little chuckle. Aspen was laughing and getting as wet as possible. They both are just darling! Joey, Aspen, Paisley and I went on this little Ladybug ride that is very similar to the Teacup ride at DL but not as twirly. Aspen was laughing the whole time, just loving it, but Paisley sat there for a little bit not knowing if she like it or not and then towards the end of the ride she started making these siren noises, "whoo, whoo, whoo" without moving her lips. Joey and I just started cracking up! Her face never changed but just these noises started coming out of her. Oh my gosh, it was funny! The only down side was that the girls didn't get to meet any of the Princesses. We looked all over but couldn't find them. I'm sure the girls got over it pretty quickly but the adults were all bummed out. We still went on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Small World, Haunted Mansion and the Dumbo Ride along with ton's of others. We honestly just about walked onto every ride there. Longest wait was for Splash Mountain and that was maybe 20-25 minutes. It rocked! Perfect time to go. One of the best rides was Joe taking Aspen on Thunder Mountain. She was so excited to go but two second into the ride she was screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" which was so funny because that's what Joey used to do when we'd take him on rides when he was little! You'll have to ask him about the Magic Carpet ride at Lagoon when he was a little guy! Hilarious! On Tuesday afternoon Teri took the kids back for a nap and Mom and Dad went to lay down too, so Jason, Joe and I got to go run around hitting all the "grown up" rides. The Tower of Terror is fantastic! Sorry Joe and Jason for grabbing your legs! They really need to show you where the hand hold are before they drop you 5 stories! :) We rode on the crazy, non-regulation sized Screamer Coaster. I was actually fine the first time was the second time that got me followed by getting spun around in circles on the Rapids ride. I had to head to the closest bathroom. Eating a bacon cheese burger and then going on those rides isn't the best of ideas, so my puking spree continued! But that's all part of the fun, right? :) I got to meet up with my emailing buddy John for dinner Tuesday night and had a blast finally talking to him. It was so fun to sit and actually talk to someone I've been emailing for over a year. The time flew by and the restaurant was closing before we knew it. We'll have to do that again, I had the best time. So summing everything up, that was a fantastic vacation! Can't wait for the next one in June...camping in San Elijo State Park on the beach just outside of San Diego. That's going to be fun!