Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Lake fun and New little niece in Phoenix

This weekend was probably the last weekend for some fun before school starts on the 26th so I had to really pack it in. Annette and her family and I went to Bear Lake for a couple of days and had a food extravaganza while we were at it. On the way there we stopped at LaBeau's in Logan and had the Mammoth burgerJame's brother in law had been talking about for a while and I'm glad we stopped. It was the biggest burger I've ever seen! It was seriously the size of your face and piled about 6" high with nothing but meat! Well, that's not true, they did through in the mandatory piece of lettus and a slice of tomato but the rest was meat heaven! There were honestly about 10 layers of the stuff! It had hamburger patties, slices of ham, pastrami, bacon and cheese, and there were two layers of everything! It's insane! Annette chickend out and got the chicken cordon bleu sandwich which looked really good, but me and James went for the mammoth! James finished his and was actually able to walk out to the restaurant under his own power instead of us needing to carry him out. I wimped out and only got through about 1/4 before I though I was going to explode, but it was well worth the tummy ache. Two thumbs up LaBeau's! We also went to Bear Lake Pizza for the Old Ephraim I'd told them about last year and dug in! It was as good as I remembered it! The crust seriously rocks! That's my favorite thing about pizza. Annette's showing you just how enormous this puppy is! It's crazy big but delicious. Bear Lake it's self was beautiful, the water was awesome and we had a really fun time playing in it. The trick is to stay in the water long enough that you get numb, then it really does feel good. :) We arrived in Bear Lake on Thursday night and I took off Friday night because I'd scored a really good deal on a flight to Phoenix for Saturday morning and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go down and see my new little niece Marlowe. She is just adorable, as expected, and I had fun seeing the rest of my family. Aspen is a crack up! We were eating dinner and we had corn on the cob. Joey asked someone to pass the margarine and Aspen said, "Do you know Spanish Dad?" We all cracked up over that one. Who knew margarine was a Spanish word? She also got mooned by a boy cousin and started fanning herself with her hand and said "Us princesses aren't used to that." She is seriously a crack up! Paisley, will go over to the couch, sit down and then pat her lap, thus signaling that she wants to hold Marlowe. It's so cute to see her do that! Man, I miss those little kids when I'm gone! Paisley and Aspen were a blast and boy do they love their new little sister! It's always hard to come home after visiting with them. I wish we lived closer together. I'll have to start working on them to move up here.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Coming up for a breather!

Wow, has this summer been busy! I feel like I've been going non stop since it began. Here are just a few more things that have happened this summer. I went to girls camp and was the assistant camp director to my fabulous camp director Rachel and we had a great time. Annette was the Stake Camp Director and she put together tons of fun activities! The crappy part is that I misplaced my camera after the hike so I only got pictures of the ski lodge at Snow Basin where we did our hike then nothing else. But this ski lodge is something else! It really didn't look like that impressive from the outside but the inside knocked my socks off! It was like a castle inside, with huge dining rooms with long tables and chandeliers. Enormous fireplaces and stuffed animals on the walls! It honestly was breathtaking. I will stay there before I die!!!! I will, I will, I will! But girls camp was really fun, harder than I had expected but still really fun. The best part was floating down the stream that ran right through our camp. That was a great day. After getting home and unpacking I felt like sleeping for a week and the next Sunday Rachel and I got to speak in Sacrament Meeting about all the fun we had. It was kind of funny because we both spoke, then all the young women came up on the stand and we sang the song we learned for camp and then I taught the lesson for young women's. I'm sure they were all pretty sick of me after that was all over. I was supposed to run a 10K on the 24th of July but didn't get to because I didn't get my race packet the day before the race. They didn't have packet pickup the morning of the race so I was out of luck. Actually it was probably a blessing in disguise because it probably would have killed me off. I really need to get in shape! But anyway, I was happy to settle on watching the parade later that morning. The parade was great and we got to see President Eyring , he was in the parade, and President Ukdorf, who was just sitting in the stand in front of us! We had a great time. We followed the parade up with our weird tradition of going to Crown Burger to get a burger, frys and the most delicious FrySauce you've ever eaten! Weird tradition, yes, but we love it, so take that. :) On the 25th of July we went to the Beez baseball game to watch my brother in law through out the first pitch of the game! It was awesome and, unlike the wimpy through of President Obama, Israel's pitch went all the way to home base. He did a great job! My big brother Jason came down for the 24th festivities and on the 28th was Stake Lagoon day, and since Jason hadn't been for over 20 years, we decided he was way past due! Jason dropped me off at work that day and came and picked me up at noon to head on over. We made the HUGE mistake of eating lunch right before going on the rides and ended up getting sick after the third ride we went on! We're pretty pathetic now with being able to ride the crazy rides. Sheeze, I used to love going on all the rides that flipped you around and spun you in circles, but now being older my head and stomach aren't quite up to the challenge. It stinks, but oh well, the train was fun. :) We really did have a fun time. We went on the Tidal Wave twice and scram our heads off, and went on the swings. There were tons of cute little kid rides that I hadn't seen before so hopefully when Joey, Teri and the kids come up in the next few years we can all go and have fun. The next day, my sister and her family along with Jason all went up to camp at the Spruces in big cottonwood canyon and did some fishing. I went up after work on Thursday and spent the night. The next morning we woke up early, ate a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon, then went on a hike to Twin Lakes Reservoir. It was a pretty steep hike but the like was worth it! So beautiful and crystal clear. Jason and Chloe brought their fishing polls and they each caught a fish. They were very tiny fishiesthat they let go but it was still really fun catching them. This was Chloe's first time catching a fish and she was really excited. We rounded out this last few weeks of adventure with a birthday party for Chloe's 14th birthday on Saturday(her birthday is in May but she wanted a pool party so she waited until it was warmer) and another party for my mom's 65th birthday on Monday. My mom's so excited that she's old enough now to receive Medicare! You go Mom! My parents left this morning to spend a few weeks in Phoenix. My sister in law is due any day now with her third little girl. They are naming her Marlowe Mae and I just know she is going to be adorable! I can't wait until she gets here! I need to go shopping! :) Well that's what's been happening for the past few weeks. I'm tired just thinking about it. :) Next weekend is Bear Lake with school starting sometime around then. Then its the ward camp out, Isreal's birthday and the beginning of BYU's foot ball season! Go Coogs!