Monday, February 22, 2010

What a fun Valentines Day

My sister loves holidays and Valentines day is no exception. The house gets decorated and lights get put up and she always makes her super fantastic Valentines dinner! This lady goes all out! We devoured strawberry daiquiris (sans alcohol of course) shrimp, a strawberry and spinach salad and a fabulous main course. This year it was steak! Yeah, meat! For desert she has my favorite, chocolate dipped strawberries! It's a little bit of heaven her on earth! Who needs a valentine when you have an awesome sister like I do!? wouldn't hurt. Maybe next year. :) Hope you all had a fantastic Valentines day and got to spend it with those you love like I did.


Cassie said...

SIGN ME UP for that dinner. I will be your Valentine, Zandy!

Alyssa and Co. said...

Woah, she even has heart shaped dinnerware. I'm thoroughly impressed! Hope you're doing fabulous. I hear you're super busy with work and school these days. Good luck.

Alexandria said...

Thanks Cassie! I'll count you in for next year. :)

School is keeping me pretty busy. Kim and I went out the other day and it had felt like forever since I'd seen her! I graduate Dec of 2011 so I just have to hang on until then! :) Your little Jake is the cutest little dude! I bet your having so much fun being a new mommy!